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Notice of Privacy

In order to comply with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, other applicable regulations in force,VERIFICATION SERVICES DIADECOR, VARIABLE CAPITAL LIMITED COMPANY, (hereinafter referred to as "VERIFICATION") discloses to all its customers its:

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Privacy Policy

VERIFICATIONwith address located atTULTITLAN. BLVD. BENITO JUAREZ GARCIA 39 COL. SAN MATEO CUAUTEPEC TULTITLAN STATE OF MEXICO, ZIP 54948, informs you that the purpose of obtaining the personal data of our clients is solely for the purpose of providing them with a better service required by you, keeping our records updated to be able to respond to your queries, informing you of our promotions, launches and maintain general communication with

You; Likewise, said personal data will be used to prepare your invoices.

sensitive personal data

VERIFICATION NOrequest sensitive personal data in any section. (Racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union membership, political opinions, sexual preference)

Personal data collected by VERIFICATION

VERIFICATIONwill collect and make use of personal data consisting specifically of: financial data (income, account statements, and other related), patrimonial data (tangible assets, real estate, and other related), personal data (spouse, marital status, nationality, education, children, and other related parties), family and non-family references (name, address, telephone number, relationship, etc.) since they are necessary for billing in accordance with the tax provisions that will be mandatory.

The data collection that you carry outVERIFICATIONit is known in good faith and for this reason it presumes that they are true, correct, complete and identify the owner who supplies and/or provides them, so it is the owner's responsibility that the data that he provides to VERIFICATION comply with such features and are updated as required.

Security of personal data

VERIFICATIONwill implement the security, technical, administrative and physical measures necessary to protect your personal data and prevent its damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or treatment.

Only authorized personnel, who have complied with and observed the corresponding confidentiality requirements, may participate in the processing of your personal data. Authorized personnel are prohibited from allowing access by unauthorized persons and from using your personal data for purposes other than those established in this Privacy Notice. The obligation of confidentiality of the people who participate in the processing of your personal data subsists even after the relationship withVERIFICATION.

Transfer of data to third parties

It is important that you are aware that the information we have can be transferred and used inside and outside the country, by people other thanVERIFICATIONTherefore, your information is likely to be shared with: advisors, raters or auditors, its subsidiaries and/or affiliates and regulators ofVERIFICATION, as well as with metrology and measurement institutions, Certifying bodies, in order to be able to comply with their contractual, regulatory and/or commercial obligations in the ordinary course of their operations. Due to the foregoing and in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of personal data held by individuals, if you do not express your opposition to the transfer of your personal data, it will be understood that you have given your consent for it.

Means to exercise the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition.

Likewise, we inform you that in accordance with the provisions of article 22 of the aforementioned Law, you will be able to access your personal data in our possession and the details of their treatment, as well as rectify them in case they are inaccurate or request to cancel them. when you consider that they turn out to be excessive or unnecessary for the purposes that justified their obtaining and/or oppose the treatment of the same for certain specific purposes, all of the above is called theARCH RIGHTS.

The mechanisms that have been implemented for the exercise of said rights, will begin by submitting the request or by email:patsy.vega@diadecor-vsd.comThe request, in writing and/or electronic, for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, must contain and accompany the following:

• The name of the owner and address or other means to communicate the response to your request
• The documents that prove the identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the owner,
• The clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which one seeks to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, and;
• Any other element or document that facilitates the location of personal data.
• In the case of rectification requests, the owner must indicate the modifications to be made and provide the documentation that supports their request.


It should be noted thatVERIFICATIONundertakes not to misuse the personal data collected, and not to share it with anyone without your consent, except for the exceptions provided for in article 37 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, as well as to carry out this transfer in the terms established by this Law.

Modifications to the privacy notice

VERIFICATIONreserves the right to make, at any time, modifications or updates to this privacy notice to attend to new legislation, jurisprudence, internal policies, new requirements, among others.

In that case,VERIFICATIONwill publish on the website the modifications made to the Notice and will indicate at the top of the electronic page of said site the date of the latest version of the Notice and/or will be duly notified to our clients by any printed or electronic media that is determined.
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