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About us

We are a logistics operator, we have expert professionals, with more than 15 years of experience in export and import management. Advice that offers a wide range of services tailored to guarantee the success of international sales. Our specialized team of regulatory advisors has international experience in markets such as Mexico, the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Our main objective is to advise and provide personalized attention to manufacturers, importers, exporters, producers and marketers in commercial information verification services, national storage, general warehouse, Marketer, Laboratory for safety standards, Product Certification, Air Transport , Maritime and land, merchandise insurance, distribution and logistics. Verification Services Diadecor SA de CV is a company legally constituted in 2005


We are a commercial information Inspection Unit, type C, dedicated to providing conformity assessment services, in strict adherence to the law and the requirements that international and national standards govern us, carrying out the activities that emanate from them, with the firm purpose of meeting the needs of our users and thereby guaranteeing a reliable and quality service.


To be one of the Inspection Units with the highest standards of customer service, quality and prestige, recognized nationally and internationally for always staying at the forefront and having as a priority the well-being of users, our collaborators and business partners.

Quality politics

The Inspection Unit of Verification Services DIADECOR, SA de CV, is committed to quality, providing inspection services under the conformity assessment mechanism, in order to ensure applicable legal and regulatory compliance, providing society with quality assurance services. added value that ensures the Determination and conformity of the commercial information that we Evaluate, guaranteeing the authorities that regulate us Cabal adherence to the norms and standards Granting trust, integrity and impartiality, thereby achieving national and international recognition.

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